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Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle includes one SweetSix razor, one FabFour razor, one 2oz ShaveJelly Vanilla Berry, one 2oz SkinBliss CitrusTwist, and one 2oz Hair+Body Wash CitrusSplash. Try the products and figure out what you need each month. Remember, you can change or pause your subscription at any time in the My Account tab.

Umi Shave Club allows first time customers to “Try Everything for HALF PRICE.” Our site will will usually recognize a new customer and will automatically tally the discount once you’ve added the Everything Bundle to your cart. In case the discount is not automatically tallied, try using the coupon code TRYUMI when checking out. Limit one deal per customer.

FabFour Razor

The Umi FabFour razor features an angular 4-blade system that ensures a close, comfortable shave. The FabFour has a smaller head than the SweetSix, which allows it to get into tighter spaces. The triple-formula moisturizing strip works to protect and hydrate even the most sensitive skin.

SweetSix Razor

Introducing the Umi SweetSix razor engineered just for women. Its flexible, dual 3-blade system flexes in the center to glide along unique contours and eliminates hair well below the follicle for close, long-lasting results. Plus, its pivoting head and triple-formula moisturizing strip ensures that even those hard-to-reach areas stay smooth and silky.